Design Matters

Paladin Makes Your Business Memorable

Development in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas has exploded in the past several years. Yet, new challenges arise when opportunity appears. Other signs. Better signs. Increased competition. This is why Paladin takes branding and signage seriously. How can customers fall in love with your product or service if they don’t know you exist?

In a sea of endless choices, how do you stand apart?

Paladin understands that, before your business can make money, it must create a memory. To create a memory, your sign has to be seen and appreciated — Design Matters.
Let Paladin’s Design Experts craft a sign that makes it easy for viewers to remember your product, service and message. When you meld to the memories of those who pass your business? The odds they’ll seek you out first increase exponentially.

Our job is to help you entice customers through the door so you can do what you do best—transform the impulse customer into a loyal patron and friend.

Want to Customize, Redesign or Update Your Brand/Sign?

Paladin knows that, if a business isn’t changing and growing, it’s dying. Just like all living creatures must renew their cells for longevity, your brand and business must do the same. In the 21st Century, businesses must be dynamic and organic to thrive. Stagnation is the enemy. Updating a sign can have significant, positive impact on sales and business growth. Additionally, if a sign stays the same for too many years, it can begin to blend into the background.

Few things can reignite attention like an updated logo or even an entirely new one.

Is Your Sign Sending the Best Message About Your Business?– Paladin is Here!

Running a business is a lot of work, and when we spend much of our time inside running an operation, it’s easy to forget the sign outside. What does your sign look like? Is it outdated, dirty, or broken? Does it have missing lights? Is it in need of updating? Could it be more exciting? Garner more attention? Are the colors appealing? Humans are hardwired to judge everything by appearance, so is your sign giving the best impression?

First impressions are critical, and Paladin is here to help you make the most of your first impressions.

Our Paladin Design Experts use their artistic talents to blend together the precise components of your logo and image with visually interesting elements that will attract meaningful attention to your sign and your business. Paladin provides concept drawings, material samples and full color mock-ups to help you conceptualize different design ideas and preview what the final product will look like on your storefront before anything is ordered or installed.


We're in a Brave New World of Business with limitless choices. Discoverability can be nothing short of a nightmare. Why should a customer visit your business and not just order off-line? Why should they step through your door and not another? Paladin turns challenges into triumphs for today and the future.