Sign Installation

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Precise, professional installation of your signage is just as important as its design and fabrication. When it comes to installing your premium Paladin sign, we strive for excellence and efficiency.

Talk is cheap. Results are all that matter. YOU are all that matters.

We’d love to promise problem-free installation, but “problem-free” is an illusion. Problems do happen. When it comes to signs, there could be bad weather, a delay with a permit, or even an additional electrical issue in need of repair.

While Paladin will always go the extra mile to prevent as many problems as possible, we understand problems aren’t the problem. Rather, it’s how we handle difficulties and roadblocks when they arise. Rest assured, though Paladin will never promise a problem-free installation, we can promise a hassle-free installation.

All Paladin Experts are required to attend quarterly in-house learning programs to ensure our entire team is up-to-date on the latest innovations, techniques, technologies, and safety measures. This helps our crews anticipate and handle any unexpected challenges that might delay your installation process.

To make certain your installation is perfect, we always have one of our Master Sign Electricians review the installation before we consider the job complete.

Paladin's strict policies help us ensure that every job we do meets and exceeds the standard of quality and service you deserve.

Paladin Installation Services:

  • Sign Installation
  • Foundation Installation
  • Painting Poles or Sign Structures
  • Sign Illumination
  • Inspection for Proper Operation
  • Site Clean-Up

Paladin'sInstallation Formula

All Paladin installation crews follow a precise formula:

Cutting-Edge Education

All Paladin Experts are required to attend quarterly learning programs. This ensures the Paladin Team is always up-to-date regarding the latest techniques, technologies, laws & safety measures.


Paladin believes in excellence, and we invest in premium training for our entire team. Superior education and equipment means our crews can anticipate and handle any unexpected challenges that could possible delay your installation process.

No Detail Left Behind

Paladin strives to deliver unsurpassed signage and service. This is why we require our state-licensed Master Sign Electricians to perform a rigorous final review and approval.