Hanging Signs – Keep What You Catch

Snag Those New and Impulse Customers – Hanging Signs Can Catch Them

Need to increase business traffic? Hanging signs are in the line of sight, thus top-of-mind. Paladin Hanging Signs get your business noticed. Hanging Signs help customers develop a memory for your location and for the products or services your business offers. Exterior Hanging Signs are a great way to catch the eye of pedestrians walking by, prompting first-time or impulse visits which means increased traffic and increased revenue.

  • Exterior Hanging Signs can be used as your main identification signage or to compliment your other advertising efforts.
  • Interior Hanging signs are a great way to reinforce your brand, services and products so that customers remember your business.
  • These signs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and Paladin can customize them match or compliment your look and brand.